To Make Caring For Every Mind Possible.

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All minds need care.

Total MINDCARE was founded with the belief that everyone deserves a healthy mind. However, too many barriers stand in the way. Cost, one-size-fits all care, too few mental healthcare professionals, and lengthy “trial and error” approach to finding a medication are just a few of the challenges. Too often, some people never receive the quality of care they deserve while others simply give up. Total MINDCARE is changing that. We are creating an alternative to the burdened and broken system. Our approach takes the totality of tools and science available to treat mental health and puts them in the hands of the people who need them, in a simplified and affordable way.

Start Where You Are

Total MINDCARE has navigated the complexities for you and gives you an immediate start. We meet you no matter where you are and help you find a path to feel better. With daily steps that are gentle and manageable, we connect you with clinically proven tools that will help your mind become healthier.


Feels overwhelmed and anxious. Stress is taking the joy out of her life. She carries on pretending everything is fine but she longs to feel happier.


Pressure from work has him feeling anxious and down. He no longer has the energy or motivation to enjoy his favorite activities and is looking for way to regain his jest for life.


Struggles with depression, sometimes severe. She knows she needs help but doesn't know where to start. She tried talking to her family physician but left feeling disappointed.

Is Total MindCare for You?

Our programs teach you skills and strategies to make improvements in all of the areas that impact mental wellness. We are with you every step, guiding you daily towards meaningful change.

We emphasize an inner connection, support community, social interaction, nutrition, sleep, and movement. We care about the thoughts going through your mind, how they make you feel and associated triggers. We help you manage all of these things and more, because a healthy mind depends on it.

If you need medication, we use science and data to simplify the process of finding the most effective treatment based on everything that makes your story unique, including your symptoms, history and even genetic make-up. Our healthcare providers inspire, support and provide the level of clinical care you need.


For People

Connect yourself to the tools and care you need. Total MINDCARE is a fusion of online community, digital tools and therapies alongside a network of healthcare providers.

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For Clinicians

Provide your best care. Connect your patients with the most effective tools and daily support shown to improve outcomes. Accurately assess and monitor interventions and progress.

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For Employers

Address the mental health of your workforce. Provide your employees the most effective tools, resources and daily support for improving mental health. Your company’s performance depends on it.

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