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Mission Statement

The Total MINDCARE team believe that everyone deserves a healthier mind. Our goal is to reduce the suffering of those with mental illness. Total MINDCARE provides broad access to better mental healthcare, faster and more affordably than existing solutions. Total MINDCARE deliveries this superior care through a one-stop solution that combines AI, digital therapies, community support, personalized medicine and a coordinated human care team.

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Our Mission

At Total MINDCARE, we place YOU and your unique circumstances at the heart of our process. We empower you by suggesting options tailored specifically for you, backed by clinical research on likelihood of improvement and price transparency, that allows you and your care team to create a truly personalized care plan.


Our Team

Chief Executive Officer / Founder: Timothy Ramsey has over 15 years of experience in behavioral health. First he was CFO for Eli Lilly’s Neuroscience R&D group, ~$130 million annual budget, where he was member of all of the drug development teams. Later, he co-founded SureGene, a behavioral health PGx company, where he was the initial CEO and later VP of product development. He has over 25 issued patents for personalized medicine in behavioral health and designed the first patient-centric PGx portal. Later, he was Head of Behavioral Health for Clinical Reference Laboratory following its acquisition of SureGene. He earned his MBA at the University of Chicago and his MS in Biochemistry at the University Of Louisville School Of Medicine. His full bio can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/timothylramsey/.

Research Leading to Results

Science is Real

Every service offered by Total MINDCARE has clinical and/or real-world data demonstrating significant reduction of symptoms and/improvement in positive measures of wellbeing.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:



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