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Total MINDCARE is a digital extension of care, providing your clients the tools and daily support they need for meaningful change.

Wellness Coaching

Help your client live with more HERO.

We know that exercise, mindfulness, sleep, social connectedness and nutrition are foundational elements of optimal mental health. So often clinicians are limited in their ability to provide the coaching that clients need to impact these areas of their lives. Total MINDCARE provides digital wellness therapy based on these key elements, teaching and guiding your clients daily to develop and nurture what we call HERO traits – happiness, enthusiasm, resilience and optimism. We measure progress with the HERO Wellness Scale, a validated wellness instrument that’s designed to measure wellness changes.

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Engage & Empower your Clients

Total MINDCARE puts proven tools and techniques into the hands of your clients, empowering them to participate fully in their care. Engagement in CBT, mindfulness, mood and activity tracking and assessment exercises provide the daily support they need to make meaningful change. Strategies and goal-setting in the areas of movement, sleep, nutrition and more helps clients holistically manage their mental health. Connecting clients to a supportive online community provides access to necessary human connections.

Improve Outcomes with Psychometric Assessment

Regular psychometric assessment has been shown to improve outcomes. Incorporate recurring psychometric assessments (PHQ-9, GAD-7, etc.) into your practice, making it easier to screen and monitor symptoms. Set custom client-specific assignments and notification ranges to enable your care team to monitor and receive alerts of significant changes, all according to your clients’ risk profile.

Personalized Drug Decisions

Total MINDCARE provides critical insight and guidance to optimize medication selection and dosing decisions. Using augmented intelligence (AI) to analyze medical history, symptom clusters, chemistry and genetic data congruently, we offer a tool to mediate the uncertainty associated with treatment selection. Prioritizing drug options shifts the probability of success, potentially shortening the “trial and error” process that challenges the delivery of effective care. Furthermore, Total MINDCARE provides clear, easily interpretable information regarding relative effectiveness and adverse event likelihoods so that informed selection between drug options is as fast as possible.

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Measurement-based Care

Get a clear picture of your clients’ mental health status by viewing daily and compiled data and results. Create and review treatment strategies together based on data-informed insights. Discover areas in need of extra attention with activity tracking and goal setting. Measurement-based care can also speed medication adjustment decision by quickly informing you of self-reported adverse events or worsening of symptoms.

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Easy SMART App Connectivity

Total MINDCARE runs in a web browser for your clients, so no confusing downloads, no technical setup, or special skills required. COMING SOON – Connect instantly, by launching Total MINDCARE directly from your EHR with SMART Apps. No more additional logins, keeping track of data separate from your EHR or uploading of data into your EHR.