Mental illness Costs Employers Billions of Dollars

Mental Health Infographic

Mental illness creates tremendous costs for US businesses, reaching hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Depression, anxiety, and addiction are the major contributors to this impact. Beyond the noticeable costs of missed days and medical bills, presenteeism is an unseen anchor for productivity. This particularly impactful as many individuals with depression and anxiety suffer significant cognitive impairment which not decreases the volume of work but also degrades the quality of work.

Chronic Health Infographic

Total MINDCARE Solution

Total MINDCARE is designed to deliver broader access to superior care faster and cheaper than traditional treatment models. The Total MINDCARE portal provides a home for the patient experience, community support and education, and care delivery. Total MINDCARE utilizes an in-depth intake assessment process through our portal that identifies not only what clinical diagnosis applies to the patient but also their unique constellation of symptoms. The MINDCARE AI evaluates those symptoms and recommends to the provider services and / or medications optimized for that symptom cluster. This bundle of services might include an algorithmic and digital update to traditional behavioral health services such as selecting a drug or talk therapy. Where drug therapy is indicated PGx services will be offered and strongly recommended. The bundle could also include convenient, on-demand access to personalized digital interventions such as wellness programs, CBT, mindfulness / meditation training, and sleep programs.

This comprehensive one-stop-shop offers unparalleled convenience for employees while employers gain enhanced productivity and cost savings.