Space to seek mental wellness

Community Support

We all need someone who understands. Connect with a like-hearted support network to amplify the constructive voices in your life. We also teach you effective ways to consistently add more meaningful social connections to your life. It is possible to feel a belonging.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Learn the skills to manage your thoughts, feelings and reactions. CBT is extremely effective and empowering. Learn strategies to change how you think: become the writer in your story instead of the actor stuck within it. CBT helps you function in the short-term and teaches workable skills for life.

Personalized Medication Selection

Every person has a unique biochemistry influenced by our genes and environment. Genetics and other medicines that we take can greatly influence how well and safely many psychiatric medications work. Total MINDCARE recommends that everyone considering a psychiatric medication have genetic testing performed. If you have already had genetic testing performed, we can use those results without requiring you to be retested. If you need testing, Total MINDCARE offers affordable options for you.

Nutritional Program

You are what you eat; it is true. We all need help when it comes to increasing our consumption of nutrient-dense foods. Sometimes supplements are necessary to ensure your brain is receiving the vitamins and minerals it needs. The choices can be very overwhelming, so our nutritional counselors help sort it all out and create an achievable plan just for you.

Instant Access to Healthcare Providers

A nurturing network of healthcare providers including counselors, therapists and psychiatrists at your fingertips. If you don’t know where to start, start here. We help you connect with a provider that fits your needs.

Mindfulness & Relaxation

Make a safe space for your mind. Techniques like meditation, affirmation, deep breathing, journaling and more help to strengthen this connection within yourself. Practicing mindfulness provides relief and teaches you how to experience life fully engaged and free from judgement. It is a path to freedom.


Keep your coach in your pocket to help you record how you are feeling and manage daily activities (medications, supplements, sleep, movement, nutrition, social connectedness and more).

Awareness of Trends

Seeing how you feel over time helps you gain perspective. No expectations other than getting to know yourself a little more.

Celebrate, you!

The spirit of celebration is the cornerstone of Total MINDCARE and we help you share in it too. With measurable activities, both daily and longer-term goals become reachable. We invite you to join us as we celebrate you and your efforts towards improving mental wellness.

Total Mind Care